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10. März 2021

Park & Ring 2021 cancelled

We’re sorry to announce today that, just like last year, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring 2021 will have to be canceled due to Covid-19.
2022 date is set: June 3rd-5th

We understand that you are very disappointed - we feel the same way and are heartbroken. But amidst the still uncertain infection situation and the extension of the “epidemic situation with national importance” by the German parliament until at least the end of June, festivals of this magnitude cannot be carried out in the near future.

Even though we wanted so much to get together with you this year in Nuremberg or in the Eifel, to meet old and new friends, to watch concerts, to dance and to celebrate together, we now know it’s not possible. Your health and the health of our suppliers and artists are our top priority.

We’d like to thank you, with all our heart, for your patience and trust. Let's keep the spirit of our festivals alive together and now look with confidence and excitement towards 2022, when on June 3rd-5th Rock im Park and Rock am Ring return as strong as ever.

In a few weeks' time we will go live with an online platform with which you can easily swap your tickets for 2022 tickets, just like last year.

After this exchange phase, we will then give everyone who wants to return their tickets the option of a ticket price refund. We ask for your understanding that this will take some time to process.

You can find more information about this in the FAQs on our website very soon.

At the same time we will in time and regularly share news about confirmed bands for the next year with you. That way, you can decide which option to choose.

Stay tuned for updates.

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