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15. April 2021

​Ticket Swap Start for Rock im Park

Here we go again: Since Rock im Park cannot take place this year due to corona again, you have now the opportunity to exchange your festival tickets for 2022.

For technical reasons, the swap and reimbursement phase can unfortunately only take place one after the other. That's because each ticket can either be exchanged or refunded. At the same time, we are working on the line-up and will announce the first acts before the end of the exchange phase. Also, further details on the start date and the expiry of the reimbursement phase will follow shortly.

How does it work?
Enter your ticket code and your email address on the swap platform. Please keep the confirmation email that you will receive and bring it to the festival next year together with the ticket (exchanged 2020 ticket or 2021 ticket).

For everyone who swaps a weekend festival ticket, there is an upgrade of the Parkrocker thank you package. Your thank you package from the previous year does not expire, of course, that too will be handed out on site next year.

Any further questions? Check out our FAQs

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