Allgemeine Infos

Festival site opening hours

To respect the local residents, both the parking and the camping areas will be opened from 9 am on Thursday, 10.06.2021! Arriving before this time makes no sense, since the entire festival site is closed.

Dismantling, cleaning of own site, waste disposal and departure must be completed by no later than Monday 14.06.2021 at 10 am, when all car parks and the camping area closes.

Camping and arrival

For further information concerning camping and arrival please select the menu point on the right side of the navigation bar.

Camping alternatives

You can find additional information about camping alternatives via the tourist info of Nuremberg:

Ticket validation

Before entering the festival site for the first time, tickets will be checked electronically at a CHECK-IN via scanning. A festival wristband is then put on and the ticket loses its validity. We strongly discourage purchasing tickets on or in front of the festival site! Please buy your tickets only at authorized presale points or (if still available) at the cash desks at Terminal B (entrance B). Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for later complaints or replacement claims.

Day Festival Tickets

You will receive your day wristband only on the day corresponding to the ticket at the CHECK-IN A and B. From saturday June 6th you will receive your day wristband at the box offices A1 and B1 as well as at CHECK-IN B.

The opening hours will be notified soon.

If there are still Day Festival Tickets available on the day of the festival you will be able to purchase them cash only at the box offices on the Große Straße (box office A1 and A2) and Terminal B. After that you will receive your festival wristband.

Admission rights

* Guardians are usually the parents, in exceptional cases this can also be a legally appointed carer or legal guardian. The personal custody authorization cannot be transferred to other people, e.g. older friend or other family member.

Admission to the event site is not permitted for infants and young children under the age of 8 years.

Children between 8 and 14 years old may attend the concerts only if accompanied by a guardian.

Children under 16 are permitted to camp only if accompanied by a guardian.

With parental consent, young people between the ages of 14 and 16 years old may attend concerts unattended by a guardian until midnight (24:00h). Please use the provided form, which is available for download here.

Young people aged 16 and older may attend concerts and musical performances after midnight without a guardian.

All other statutory provisions of the German youth protection act (JuSchG) remain fully valid, in particular the supply and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products).

Prohibited / permitted items

Our safety concept consists of a large number of safety-relevant procedures, which are developed, coordinated and implemented together working hand in hand with the police and the responsible security authorities. Additionally, we are in constant exchange with other festivals.

However, we still need your help in this matter!

The better the festival visitors follow the rules and regulations, the more effective and faster are the security checks at the entrance to the camping area and to the event area. We ask you therefore to read our detailed safety instructions.

Prohibited items on the camping area are among others:

ATTENTION! Carrying such items may result in rejection of the vehicle and exclusion of the attendee from the festival upon arrival; all the prohibited items will be confiscated without replacement. Power generators found on the site will be secured by the police!

Permitted items on the camping area are among others:

Additional prohibited items in the event area:

In addition to all prohibited items in the camping area, the following applies in the event area

Generally, prohibited items are: bags, backpacks and containers of all kind. The only exception being small belt bags.

Permitted items event area

In general, only personal items and clothing are permitted into the event area. These include:

  • Wallet / purse
  • Keys
  • Mobile telephones
  • Small belt pouches and bum bags
  • Bags made of clear plastic, clear vinyl or clear PVC not exceeding L45 x W35 x D30 cm in size (which is equivalent to the size of a DIN A4 sheet of paper).
  • Suncream
  • Lighter
  • Empty foldable water bottles made of plastic
  • Medicine (asthma spray, pills, etc.)
  • Powerbank
  • Contact lenses solution
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cigarettes / E-cigarettes
  • Insulin syringe (NO normal syringe only for s.c. application = very short needle): max. 1 syringe is allowed
  • Small insulin bottle

Refusal of entry carrying prohibited Items

At the entrances to the event area you will be denied access with prohibited items. You can either throw the forbidden item away or you bring it back to your camp / vehicle.

Additionally, there is the possibility to store items in the lockers outside of the camping area for a fee (detailed information here)

Please carry your car keys always with you – especially when leaving the camping area. In case of emergency or heavy storms please go directly to your safe car.

Code of conduct

Our rules for a peaceful togetherness:

1) We take care of each other. We help other festival visitors, who need help, and do not look away.

2) We respect others as they are. No shaming. No matter if body, appearance or gender. We treat them the way we wish to be treated: Respectful and kind. We don't laugh at anyone and don't judge others.
There is no room for sSexism, racism and any form of intolerance at our festival. We love you - whether black or white, gay or lesbian, male, female or transgender - you are all welcome!

3) We respect nature.

4) We live sustainably and avoid waste.

Rock im Park - No stage for discrimination!

We do not tolerate any discrimination against people based on their nationality, skin color, gender or sexual orientation!

What may be just a lot of fun for some people can be very hurtful or even scary for some people.

Sexism is not always obvious or easy to name. Often there is initially only a vague discomfort or a feeling of injustice. Whether in public space or in the family - respect must always be a basic requirement for dealing with one another.

It is therefore important to show courage and to contact the security team in such situations to report “unacceptable, intolerant behavior”. No matter whether as an affected person or an observer!

Finally, we would like to emphasize that what we don't need is a racist sexism discussion.

Info / Service

The info / service centers are centrally located: Terminal A on the “Große Straße”, at the main entrance A or camping area entrance CP 4 "Animal Park". Terminal B, which is also the CHECK-IN for Backstage Camper, is located near the “Streintribühne” at entrance B.

The info / service center for Zepplin Stage Camper, Caravan Camper and visitors with disabilities is located at Terminal C by the Max-Morlock-Platz in front of the stadium. You can find the detailed locations on the site plan.

Our service staff is there for you round the clock to answer your questions about the festival. They are also your contact person for every matter of complaint or any problem.

Meeting point

The central meeting point is located at the info / service center at Terminal A on the “Große Strasse”. This point is a perfect meeting place in case you lose your friends somewhere on the festival site.


In addition to the meeting point, you will find further information towers / orientation panels with directions and location plans distributed over the entire event area. The two terminals A and B serve as a particularly good orientation aid. In addition to the signposting, feel free to ask the security staff for the way.

Security staff

The main task of the security staff is to ensure your safety and, in addition, to monitor compliance regarding the festival rules and cleanliness. On top, they are your contact person for questions concerning the festival. The instructions of the security staff should be followed in your own interest. You will recognize the security staff wearing colored vests with a unique personnel ID number.


This year you will once again be allowed to carry empty, collapsible drink bottles with you.

No drinks are permitted to be brought onto the festival site.

There are numerous complimentary water taps in the event area and at the shower camps which you can use to refill your collapsible drink bottles as often as you like.

Within the event area, we have installed free water taps where you can freshen up for free.

Lockers with mobile power

We recommend you to keep your valuables in safety. Although the camping area is guarded, the organiser accepts no liability for the valuables, luggage and other equipment. There is also the possibility to store prohibited objects in the lockers at the main entrances before entering the event area. So you do not have to bring them back to your tent or car, but you can pick them up again easily after the concerts.

SafeBOXen by Modul-Kombinat

Location Terminal A
Terminal B
Opening hours Thursday., 12 pm - Monday., 12 pm, 24 hours open
External Size
(W x H x D)
M / M High-Voltage: 18cm x 12cm x 35cm
L / L High-Voltage: 18cm x 40cm x 35cm
Inner Size
(W x H x D)
M / M High-Voltage: 25cm x 14cm x 35cm
L / L High-Voltage: 25cm x 42cm x 35cm
Price M: 31 Euro (Pre-Sale 29 Euro)
M High-Voltage: 36 Euro (Pre-Sale 34 Euro)
L: 43 Euro (Pre-Sale 41 Euro)
L High-Voltage: 48 Euro (Pre-Sale 46 Euro)
Power Every locker has a socket. The sockets in the lockers M and L are limited to 15 watt (sufficient for mobile phone, power bank, charge battery). The high-voltage lockers are limited to 90 watt (sufficient for charging more power-intensive devices such as notebooks up to 11 inches, large sound box).
Further information CHECK-IN: Identity Card + 10 Euro deposit
Booking of lockers on site depending on availability
2 Euro pre-sale online discount
Don’t forget your charging cable!


This way

You can easily transfer lockers booked for Rock im Park 2020 to Rock im Park 2021. Therefore please contact [email protected].

Lost & Found

You can bring lost & found items to the info / service center at Terminal A & B as well as to the police station located in the stadium. Retrieval is only possible at the police station. The exact location can be found on the site plan.

Opening hours will be announced soon.

If you notice the loss of valuables or equipment after the festival, you can always take a look in the lost & found database of the city of Nurnberg. (


If you run out of cash during the festival you can use the ATM at Terminal A and the crossing between the Zeppelin Stage and Park Stage. The ATMs installed only for “Rock im Park” accept all common credit and debit card formats. The exact location can be found on the site plan.

Environmental protection

Please always keep in mind that the event area is a habitat of many animals and plants (further information here) and also the terrain is a local recreation area for the residents of the city of Nuremberg on the remaining days of the year. Many families with children, senior citizen and athletes enjoy their time in the urban greenery. Please take particular care to the sensitive lake shore zone and the reed belt! There are breeding grounds of rare species of birds.

Damage to the flora (trees, shrubs) and endangering or even torturing animals is reported immediately and without exception to the police and lead to the immediate and permanent exclusion of the event. Every garbage mountain that you carelessly leave behind endangers the location of the festival and represents a real danger for the animals living here. Please report violations immediately!

We count on you!

Please leave the camping site as you found it! Although there is no garbage deposit, we kindly ask you to work actively for the sake of the environment. A garbage deposit is no longer charged because the associated offers and obligations were not sufficiently exercised and the often misused garbage bags caused an additional 13 tons of plastic waste. Uses the numerous containers and containers for disposal, which we provide within easy reach and keep your own area clean during the festival

Please do not hinder the cleaning and give up your deposit every day. Various local charities are also happy to receive your deposit!

At the same time, we are increasing our efforts for a clean festival and environmentally friendly waste disposal.

Our food partners have not used disposable plastic for years. Only recyclable cardboard, wooden cutlery, parchment paper, napkins and bread rolls are used to serve meals.

We regularly check other alternative packaging and compare new products in this area with our current solutions.

We also use reusable solutions in the beverage sector instead of (single-use) plastic - reusable cups have been used for drinks for many years.

Since 2018 we have also stopped using plastic straws and in 2019 we were now able to use a reusable cup for hot drinks.

Due to the demanding logistics on site, the garbage separation does not take place at the festival, but takes place mechanically after assembly from the festival site using assembly lines. In this way, 80% of the total waste volume from 2019 could be recycled, this means fully recycled. The remaining 20% was used for energy recovery (waste incineration) due to the high organic content (mixed waste / household waste). This means that the proportion of recyclable festival waste in 2019 has been pleasingly high.

With around 80,000 festival visitors in a limited area, it is also clear to us that garbage cannot be avoided on site in principle. However, every festival guest contributes his share to the resulting amount. Do not be the ones who only point a finger at others, but become active yourself and lead by example.

Help to avoid waste and in particular to avoid products in plastic packaging and otherwise unnecessary packaging waste.

Through their own behavior, everyone can contribute to avoiding unnecessary waste. For example, do not use disposable plastic plates or cups and disposable plastic cutlery at the campsites.

Cheap tents and pavilions are particularly attractive with their low prices. Here, however, resort to durable, more sustainable products that are made from more environmentally friendly material and are hard-wearing so that you can use your equipment for several years.

Please take all your camping equipment with you on departure and bring broken tents / pavilions to the garbage collection points.

"Umwelt Rocky" Contest

In 2009 we brought to life the first “Umwelt Rocky“-Contest in cooperation with our partner of Parkrocker. “Umwelt Rocky” is a prize for the tidiest left camping place and will be awarded by Parkrocker in 2021 again. And it is such an easy job: Leave your camp site as clean as possible and document and capture the maintenance with some pictures. To take part simply post your photos with the hashtag #umweltrocky on Instagram or in the „Parkrocker“forum.

You will find further information about the process and prices here shortly.

All around Rock im Park

No more than 10 minutes by public transport from the festival site, you will find the historical old town of Nuremberg. If you couldn’t make it there yet you should give it a try, since the city has a lot to offer! For further information, please follow this link: Nuremberg.

There are several leisure opportunities around the festival:


If you need some refreshment and want to go for a swim, there is the stadium bath and the club bath. They also have sufficient showers and sanitary facilities. The exact location of the swimming pools can be found on the site plan.

The lakes are not allowed for bathing because of the mud deposits on the ground. In general, bathing in the lakes is forbidden.

Please pay attention to the signs!

Ferris wheel

Enjoy a fantastic view up in the air with a ride on our ferris wheel.

Pedal boat hire

The perfect start to a perfect day could be a relaxed pedal boat ride on the Dutzenteich. The exact location of the rental station can be found on the site plan.

Documentation Center

In addition to the rock marathon on the stages, we recommend to take the time to learn more about the historical background of the former “Reichsparteitagsgelände” in the Documentation Center. You can find further information about the museum here.


There are several shops on the festival site where you can find special offers and also buy the official “Rock im Park” merchandise as well as exclusive items. The merchandise can be purchased online at

Additionally, there is a festival market which offers everything you will need.