Anreise / Camping

In the following you will find general information about arrival and camping. These are general rules that apply to every camping area. For detailed information about the different camping areas please click on the corresponding icons above or in the menu bar.

General Camping

Green Camping

Zeppelin Stage Camping

Backstage Camp

Caravan / Trailer

Motorbike Camping

Visitors with disabilities

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General information about camping

The 3-day festival ticket can be seen as “all-inclusive-ticket”. This means, access to the camping area is included with exception of: “Zeppelin Stage camper”, “caravan camper” as well as “backstage camper”. Access to these exclusive camping areas requires an additional ticket.

Generally, you are not entitled to a certain camping area. The security staff will assign you a spot depending on the free space that is still available.

On the parking space, only parking of cars is permitted – no sleeping and no setting up tents.

Please note that camping “in the wild” is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted by the police and the security staff! The city of Nuremberg has issued a general ruling for camping "in the wild". Camping “in the wild” is prohibited on parts of the street and on forest areas and can be charged up to 1.000 Euro. Camping “in the wild” on green spaces can be charged up to of 2.500 Euro. Furthermore in case of an offence on the camping prohibition the removing of camping equipment without prior warning can be used by direct force.

Each attendee entering the festival site – which also includes parking and camping area – must have a valid entry authorization in the form of a festival wristband and a festival ticket.

Please note that people staying on the enclosed camp area without authorization will be reported for obtaining services by deception (§ 265a StGB) and for trespass (§ 123 StGB).

Prohibited items on the camping area

Beim Betreten der Campingflächen führen wir Gepäck- & Taschenkontrollen durch. Besucher

People and the luggage they carry will be selectively checked and searched for prohibited items on entry to a camping area. Visitors with large luggage and fully loaded hand carts should expect long queues to enter the camping area.

The following will help you to avoid long waiting times:

Bring only the equipment you really need

Read the list of prohibited and permitted items carefully. For example, glass bottles, gas bottles and power units are not permitted into the camping area.

If you follow these rules, you can pass the control points faster.

Usage of the camping area

Please use only the official camping areas. They offer enough space for every visitor. The camping areas are numbered for orientation purposes - please take a look at the signs at the entrance to the site. If your desired camping area is already occupied, please refer to the LED screens at the Info/Service centers Terminal A & B and follow the instructions of the local staff.

No delimitations (rain channels) may be dug in the camping area around the tent.Party tents and power units are forbidden!

The white-marked escape routes are to be kept clear at all times!

The camping area are only to be used as such. The digging of tent boundaries (similar to a moat) or the digging of holes to use as refrigerators is damage to property. If ignored, the security staff will file a complaint to the police! The festival site is located in a recreation area and natural park and is therefore not a playground. Thank you for your understanding!

Camping Rules

To ensure safety and order as well as to contribute to a friendly come-together on the camping area the parking and camping rules are binding for every visitor. Following you can find a shortened version. The full parking and camping rules can be seen under general terms and conditions.

  • The orders of stewards and security staff must be followed; they apply in addition to these provisions.
  • The German Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies on the entire event site and in the parking and camping areas. Only vehicles with a total authorised weight up to max. 3.5t and only with no vehicle trailer may be parked in the parking areas. As an exception, motor homes, caravans, trailer tents and passenger buses may be parked by holders of caravan camping tickets and caravan badges for an additional fee in the areas shown separately. Parking in unmarked areas is prohibited and will be prosecuted; vehicles may only be parked in approved parking. Vehicles parked outside marked parking areas or causing an obstruction on roadways or in rescue lanes may be towed away without warning.
  • There is no entitlement to being granted a specific parking area and/or camping area within the category booked. Parking and camping areas are opened as required and allocated to attendees by stewards. Escape and rescue lanes must be kept clear of any structures at all times.
    Wild camping outside designated spaces is prohibited and will be prosecuted rigorously. Attendees may use only the marked camping areas.
  • It´s not allowed to bring and set up large tents.
  • The vehicles parked in the car parks are not monitored. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk.
  • The organiser is generally not liable for damage and losses incurred by the user and attendee due to burglary, theft, fire, natural phenomena or other incidents. Valuables can be deposited in lockers in the left luggage office for a fee.
  • Entry to a camping area is permitted only with an attached, undamaged festival wristband and with the associated entry ticket or valid festival pass.
  • Luggage may be transported from parking to camping area with the aid of handcarts, hand trucks or platform trolleys; vehicle trailers may not be taken onto the campsites.
  • When entering a camping area, luggage and bag checks are carried out. The organiser is entitled to refuse entry into the camping area if the attendee is carrying forbidden items.
  • The entire event site is located in a water conservation area. Nature must be protected. Consideration for flora and fauna is the top priority.
  • Power generators can therefore not be authorised; their use is officially prohibited.
  • The operation of sound systems and power generators is NOT permitted in car parks and on campsites.
  • No boundaries (rain channels) or other holes (e.g. for cooling) may be dug in the camping areas.
  • Observance of the ground markings of the rescue routes is mandatory. The rescue routes must be kept clear in all circumstances.
  • Animals may not be brought into parking and camping areas.
  • Gas cooking appliances must be in perfect technical condition and comply with the German DIN standard. Only gas cartridges (plug-in and valve cartridges) up to a maximum fill weight of 450g may be used. Open fires and campfires are not permitted.
  • During the event, waste must be disposed of in the bins and containers provided for this purpose at the waste collection points. For cleanliness, additional bin bags will be distributed free of charge by the stewards.
  • Routes, systems and all facilities of the campsite must be kept clean and treated with care. This also applies to the toilets, showers and washrooms provided. Urinating outside of the toilets provided for this purpose is not permitted. The contamination of bodies of water is prohibited. Wanton damage to trees and groves in car parks, campsites and neighbouring woodland is prohibited and will be prosecuted as vandalism.
  • People staying on the enclosed camping grounds without authorisation will be reported for obtaining services by deception (§ 265a StGB) and for trespass (§ 123 StGB).
  • Failure to comply with the parking and camping rules may result in temporary or complete exclusion from the entire event.
  • Attendees must leave tent sites and parking spaces in an orderly condition at the end of their stay. Orderly condition particularly includes all waste being placed in the containers and stations provided, and the attendee’s own camping equipment being fully dismantled and taken away. Dismantling, cleaning of the attendee’s own site, waste disposal and departure must be completed by no later than 10am on Monday, when all parking and camping areas close.
  • The current notices and the instructions of the on-site stewards as well as the current information on the official homepage and the official festival app apply in addition to the parking and camping rules.

Grilling and open fire

Grilling is only permitted with off-the-shelf small/compact grills. In order to avoid accidents do not use alcohol or gasoline when grilling. Likewise, no combustible liquid may be poured on already glowing coals. Please use only commercial charcoal lighters in accordance with the instruction manual and never leave the grill unattended. Caution - risk of injury!

In addition, remember to grind the coals completely and do not extinguish them with water. Sudden extinguishing with water generate large amounts of hot water vapor, which causes scalding. In addition, the used coal shouldn´t be dumped onto lawns or other surfaces for cooling, but must be disposed of with the garbage after complete cooling.

All gas cooking appliances must be in a technically perfect condition and comply with the German DIN standard. Only gas cartridges (plug-in and valve cartridges) up to a maximum fill weight of 450 g may be used. Larger gas bottles, open fire and campfire are not permitted.

Grilling may be prohibited for safety reasons in stormy or similar weather conditions. The security service must be informed immediately if a fire breaks out, even if it was possible to extinguish the fire independently.

With regard to incidents in the past few years, we would like to point out again that grilling is allowed only outdoors and under no circumstances in tents or other festival accommodations because of the suffocation and fire danger!

The city of Nuremberg has issued a general ruling. Grilling is prohibited on parts of the street and on forest areas and can be charged up to 1.000 Euro. Grilling on green spaces can be charged up to of 2.500 Euro. Furthermore in case of an offence on the grilling prohibition the removing of grill equipment without prior warning can be used by direct force.


To avoid cutting injuries, we are intensively checking that no glass containers are brought into the festival site!

We would like to point out that there is no return points for glass containers with deposit in the immediate proximity of the festival.


There will not be a waste deposit anymore because the offers and commitment involved were not used in adequate extent. At the same time we will increase our efforts to keep the festival clean and to dispose waste appropriately.

Falling branches in the camping area

We would like to point out that on the camping areas there is a chance branches of larger trees can break. Especially when it´s windy!

Of course, there are regularly inspections of the city of Nuremberg, but a risk can never be completely ruled out.

How to get to the festival

Public transport

By train you can travel easily to Nuremberg Central Station. Within Bavaria you may use the “Bayern-Ticket” by the “Deutsche Bahn” which is valid for all local and regional services in Bavaria. Information about the connections can be found on

From the central station the VGN offers a comfortable journey onward. Travelers arriving by car can use the Park & Ride facilities.

Take the S-Bahn to Dutzendteich or the tram to Doku-Zentrum, this is the fastest way to get to your campsite. You can look up the right connection here in the widget of the VGN.

You can buy your ticket in the VGN Online Shop, through the App “VGN Fahrplan & Tickets” or directly at the ticket vending machine.

Information about particular price levels can be found in the timetable information

Car pooling

On or in the free app you can find carpooling offers to the festival. You can offer your free seats too! With BlaBlaCar you share your travel expenses and arrive relaxed.