When will the festival area be opened and when is the latest departure?

Parking & camping areas will be opened from Thursday, June 4, 2020, 9 am. Departure must be completed by no later than Monday, June 8, 2020 10 am.

When will the schedule be released?

By now there is no specific date for the schedule. As soon as the schedule is finished you will be informed on our homepage and via social media.

Will there be day tickets for Rock im Park?

At the moment we don’t know if there will be day tickets. The decision depends on several factors. If there will be day tickets we will inform you on our homepage and via social media.

Can I come to the festival with a camper or trailer?

Yes, but only with a caravan camping badge. Caravan Camping badges for campers as well as for trailers are sold out.

There are two caravan camping areas.

TRAILER: Area “22 | Steintribüne” is available exclusively for trailers with towing vehicle. In this area, additionally to the “Caravan Camping – Trailer”-badge for your vehicle, every occupant (incl. the driver) requires a Caravan Camping Guest Ticket.

CAMPER: Area “S5”, “30| Z-Wiese” or "Zeppelinstraße" is available exclusively for Campers. In this area, additionally to the “Caravan Camping – Camper”-badge for your vehicle, every occupant (incl. the driver) requires a Caravan Camping Guest Ticket.

Which age limits apply for Rock im Park?

Have a look at our admission rights.

How can I bring my personal belongings in the event area?

All non-essential items and equipment should be left either at home or in your car. Alongside personal clothing, the only items permitted onto the festival site are mobile phones, wallets/purses, keys, belt and bum bags as well as empty, collapsible drink bottles and transparent rucksacks with a maximum size of 44cm high x 37cm wide x 30cm tall, which equates roughly to A4 size!

No exceptions will be made beyond this.

Which items are part of my personal belongings that are allowed in the event area?

Permitted items in the event area are:

  • Suncream
  • Lighter
  • Empty foldable water bottles made of plastic
  • Medicine (asthma spray, pills, etc.)
  • Powerbank
  • Contact lenses solution
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cigarettes / E-cigarettes
  • Insulin syringe (NO normal syringe only for s.c. application = very short needle): max. 1 syringe is allowed
  • Small insulin bottle

Can I bring hydration packs in the event area?

Any kind of hydration packs e.g. Camelbaks aren’t allowed in the event area.

Am I allowed to bring beverages into the event area?

Liquids of all kind are prohibited. In the Event Area there are free water points, where you can refresh yourself at all times.

Is grilling allowed at the camping area?

Have a look at the paragraph “grilling“ in our camping infos.

Am I allowed to put up a gazebo at the camping ground?

Putting up a gazebo is allowed. For further information please check this list.

Will there be a green camping area and where can I register for green camping?

There will be a Green Camping area, which requires the “Weekend Festival Ticket – Green Camping“. It is not possible to purchase or register for the Green Camping afterwards.

Will I be allocated to a certain spot on the camping ground?

Except for escape routes, you can choose your spot both on the General Camping area and on the Green Camping area on your own. On the Zeppelin Stage Camping and Coleman Backstage Camp you are free to choose your tent / camping plot. At the Caravan Camping you will be allocated to a certain spot.

Can I visit my friends in restricted camping areas (e.g. Green Camping) with a general admission?

It is not allowed to enter restricted camping areas without the respective admission.