General Camping

General information - General Camping

The 3 day festival ticket „General Camping“ is an all-inclusive-ticket. This means that there are no additional charges for camping but you can´t claim a certain camping spot. Our staff will allocate you based on the available space. The camping areas for General Camping are CP 1, 4, and 5.

Only cars are allowed in the parking lots. Sleeping in the car or setting up tents is strictly forbidden.

Please be sure to follow the camping rules.

Site map

You can find maps here.

Arrival / Departure

By vehicles

Please decide before your arrival in which camping area you want to stay. Depending on your favorite camping area please use the designated parking area. We recommend arriving via Bayernstraße for CP 5. For CP 1 and 4 choose Große Straße. On site please follow the signage for the camping area of your choice (look at the following example).

Additionally there will be a dynamic parking guidance system, which informs you about the availability of parking areas. If filled parking areas are closed, please turn off your GPS and just follow the traffic guidance system.

GPS address for CP 5: Bayernstraße 110, 90478 Nuremberg

GPS address for CP 1 and 4: Große Straße, 90471 Nuremberg

Arrival / Departure from Munich

Follow the A9 to Münchener Str./B8 in Nuremberg, then take the A73 exit 45-Nürnberg-Zollhaus

Arrival / Departure from Stuttgart

Follow the A81 and A6 to Münchener Str./B8 in Nuremberg, then take the A73 exit 45-Nürnberg-Zollhaus

Arrival / Departure from Leipzig

Follow the A9 to Regensburger Str./B4 in Bavaria, then take the A9 exit 52-Nürnberg-Fischbach

Arrival / Departure direction from Würzburg

Follow the A3 to Äußere Bayreuther Str./B2, then take the A9 exit 52-Nürnberg-Fischbach


Please follow the traffic signs and the instructions by our staff on site.

By public transport from Nuremberg central station

S-Bahn: Line S2 (direction Altdorf) and Line S3 (direction Neumarkt), Stop Dutzendteich

Tram: Line 9 (direction Doku-Zentrum), Stop Doku-Zentrum

Furthermore the bus line 65 stops at Volksfestplatz and Doku-Zentrum (footpath 5 min.)


Another opportunity to get to Rock im Park is the Parkliner coach service, which will take you directly to the campsite. More information here.


On presentation of your festival ticket at a CHECK-IN you will get a General Camping fabric wristband at a festival wristband exchange, which allows you to enter the General Camping area as well as the festival site. You will find the exact location on the site map.

The opening hours will be notified soon.

Sanitary facilities



You can find chemical toilets from any position on the whole campsite in a distance of max. 250m. Water toilets are also available for a service charge.



Showers are available on the campsite for a service charge.