Clear Bag Policy

We have received a lot of enquiries from festival attendees on the topic of “taking personal items onto the festival site”. Due to the long periods spent on the festival site with changing temperatures and weather conditions, it makes sense to be able to take personal items with you onto the site.

We want to enable this again in 2019, but without endangering the safety of festival attendees and staff or delaying entry onto the festival site. Therefore, we have to both limit the size of rucksacks and specify their type.

All non-essential items and equipment should be left either at home or in your car. Alongside personal clothing, the only items permitted onto the festival site are mobile phones, wallets/purses, keys, belt and bum bags as well as empty, collapsible drink bottles and transparent rucksacks with a maximum size of 45cm high x 35cm wide x 30cm tall, which equates roughly to A4 size!

No exceptions will be made beyond this.

Please understand that these measures are in place for everybody’s protection.

They assist with thorough entry controls and body checks, as does attendees arriving in good time at the entrance to the festival site.