Tickets 2020

Dear Parkrockers,

On this page we have put together all the information for dealing with RIP2020 tickets. Because we've had to cancel the festival due to Covid-19, we are giving you the option to swap your 2020 ticket for a 2021 ticket. This does not cost you anything and you receive some added benefits as well! So that we know you want to use your ticket for 2021, you need to tell us this by 10 June 2020.

If you cannot attend the festival in 2021 or you have a Rock im Park Tagesticket (day ticket), please stay patient. We will get to you as soon as possible and then also publish the corresponding information on other refund options on this page.

Are you still unsure if you want to use your ticket for 2021?
We've got a few good reasons for you:

  • The original price is only guaranteed with a direct swap. At RAR2021, prices may be higher. Your ticket for RIP2021 will definitely not cost you more than your ticket for 2020. Any price increases for the next festival will not affect you.
  • You secure your ticket before the official pre-sale starts.
  • You will be the only one to receive a limited ParkrockerLoyalty Package (only when swapping a Weekend Festival Ticket including General Camping or Green Camping) an exclusive anniversary baseball cap, a voucher for a 4 months free music streaming service with Deezer Premium¹ and an EMP Online Voucher²,³.
  • Because we finally get to look for Helga again!
  • Because we finally get to play flunky ball again.
  • Because they are the most awesome days of the year.
  • Because we finally get to party with our friends again and see the best bands live.
  • Because 26 years of festival history will be celebrated even better than 25.


If you decide to use your ticket for 2021, please select the appropriate option below. You will then be automatically guided through the ticket-swap process.

Please select what applies to you. If you swap your ticket, this cannot be reversed later.

Please select where you bought your ticket:

If you have further questions about ticket swapping and refunds, please look at our FAQ

¹ At the end of the 4-month trial period, the subscription changes to a paid subscription. You can cancel at any time. This offer applies only to users who have not yet taken advantage of a free trial or special offer from Deezer and/or have never been a user of a paid subscription from Deezer. The offer is valid only once per user*. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

² The 20% discount voucher is redeemable online at EMP with a minimum order value of 25€. Books, media, Rammstein, Böhse Onkelz, vouchers & articles that include a donation contribution are excluded from the promotion.

³ You will receive your loyalty package at RIP 2021 on the event site. The Deezer voucher will be sent to you in advance by e-mail after the ticket-swap has ended. Further information on where to pick up your Loyalty Package will be available in time for the festival