„Badmómz, ja, du kennst den Namen. Teen Queen so wie Steffi Graf.“ (Badmómz, yes, you know the name. Teen queen just like Steffi Graf.) Her rise is rapid. With her fiery red hair and a commanding presence, Badmómzjay is attracting attention in no time. Born as Jordan Napieray in 2002, she grew up in Brandenburg an der Havel in narrow-minded circumstances. "Everybody knows everybody, everybody talks, and if you're different like me, you stand out even more," she explains. Already at the age of thirteen, she stands by her bisexuality. With her openness, she helps those who have similar experiences. "I get lots of messages that I'm taking away people's fear of coming out to their family," the rapper enthuses. "It shows I'm having an impact on people and using my voice the right way."