Maggie Lindemann

Last spring, pop-punk polymath Maggie Lindemann says she was feeling activated. Fresh from the release of her eagerly anticipated and warmly received 2021 EP, “PARANOIA”, which has received more than 100 million streams to date, the 23-year-old felt the creative bug gnawing at her heels; eager to create – no matter what came of the creation process – she booked a week’s worth of studio time with her trusted team of co-writers and let the songs begin to flow, with the record taking shape over the course of the months that followed. Adrenaline, positive feedback from listeners of the EP, a newfound comfort with her collaborators, and “genuinely the best headspace I’ve ever found myself in” contributed to the 15-song album she’s now ready to put out for the world to hear. “I was really on myself about making sure every song was cohesive but had its own individual flair to it,” she says. “My only goal was to never half-ass anything I did.”