Rock im Park 2022 will take place June 3rd – 5th.


What is the difference between Rock im Park and Rock am Ring?

Rock im Park takes place in the city of Nuremberg in Bavaria. Rock am Ring is held at the same time on the Nürburgring in the Eifel region. The same bands appear at both festivals (exceptions reserved), but on different days. Tickets are only valid for the relevant festival.


Which age limits apply for Rock im Park?







* Guardians are usually the parents, in exceptional cases this can also be a legally appointed carer or legal guardian. The personal custody authorization cannot be transferred to other people, e.g. older friend or other family member.

Admission to the event site is not permitted for infants and young children under the age of 8 years.

Children between 8 and 14 years old may attend the concerts only if accompanied by a guardian.

Children under 16 are permitted to camp only if accompanied by a guardian.

With parental consent, young people between the ages of 14 and 16 years old may attend concerts unattended by a guardian until midnight (24:00h). Please use the provided form, which is available for download here.

Young people aged 16 and older may attend concerts and musical performances after midnight without a guardian.

Guardians are usually the parents, in exceptional cases this can also be a legally appointed carer or legal guardian. The personal custody authorization cannot be transferred to other people, e.g. older friend or other family member.

All other statutory provisions of the German youth protection act (JuSchG) remain fully valid, in particular the supply and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products).



Festival visitors with disabilities and their accompanying person need a valid Weekend Festival Ticket each, which are available for a reduced price. These tickets are only available via the eventim hotline 01806-570070 (0,20 €/call incl. VAT, Mobile max. 0,60 €/call incl. VAT / Monday - Sunday 8-20 hrs).

In general, festival visitors with disabilities are allowed to stay on camping areas, for which they have the appropriate ticket. Please note that these areas are not barrier-free.

Disabled visitors, which own a medical certificate of disability (class B), have their own barrier-free camping area, which is located in a central position at the “Waldsportplatz” sports facility on the corner of Karl-Steigelmann-Str. and Kurt-Leucht-Weg, right near to the event area. Visitors with disabilities and a maximum of one accompanying person may camp. More accompanying persons are not allowed.

If you have not found the appropriate information for your issue in our FAQ, please contact .


Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you have not found the appropriate information for your issue in our FAQ, please contact .

Site Overview Rock im Park 2022


Our concern!

Together we want to make Rock im Park a festival where everyone can feel comfortable. We want to continue to take responsibility for current challenges of our society. With experienced partners and experts we set new standards for an appreciative and respectful coexistence for the return of Rock im Park.It should be a matter of course that we respect one another and our boundaries. 

From ME to WE

As many people come together at Rock im Park, as many perspectives they bring with them. We are all individual and we want to celebrate that! We want to create a festival together with you, where we can
celebrate together - without losing sight of the consideration of togetherness. For this we need your support: Do you know what awareness means? Do you already know our A-Team? No?
Then it's time to get in touch with us. This year we want to give you the opportunity to exchange ideas on topics of mindfulness, boundaries and empowerment. Our team Awareness has material and actions in our suitcase (literally: "awareness suitcase"), with which you can get to know yourself and your own limits even better. You want to know more about the topics Discrimination or crossing borders? You can also ask the Awareness Team. Our goal is no less than community awareness: a movement for attentive togetherness - for everyone without exception!

What is Awareness?

The translation of the word "awareness" is consciousness. For us, awareness is a conscious attitude and an attention for a respectful coexistence, in which the individual boundaries of a person are respected. We oppose any form of violence, transgression and discrimination. That is why awareness for us also means acting and protecting those affected.
Awareness is the task of all of us: Only if we work together to make Rock im Park a place without discrimination and border crossings, we can all celebrate together in a self-determined way.

What we can do together at Rock im Park:

- We treat each other with respect and appreciation.
- We look out for each other and help each other.
- We respect each other's feelings and boundaries.
- We do not bully or harass people.
- We find solutions for a non-violent coexistence.



What does the Awareness Team do?

You can recognize our Awareness Team a.k.a A-Team by their white vests - you can meet them around the clock in the Panama retreat or on foot on the festival grounds. They are equipped with an awareness suitcase full of interaction and information. They are the experts on awareness topics and you can talk to them about mindfulness, boundaries and empowerment. In the dialogue you can talk to them about what actually border crossings are and what is meant by discrimination like sexism, racism or homophobia.
They playfully show you how to become more aware of your own boundaries and develop more understanding for those of others. That's how we move up to the next level together: Community Awareness!
Our A-Team for all cases

The team consists of trained personnel from the fields of psychology, social work, education, awareness work and other disciplines. Team Awareness is also there for you if you don't feel comfortable in a situation and want support. They are there to give you advice and help you find solutions together with you. We want to support you in finding out what you need at that moment.

Where can I find Team Awareness?

You can find them throughout the day in the Panama retreat at the campsite and in the KleinPanama retreat next to the Zeppelin stage.
They are also mobile on the festival area - you can recognize them by their white vests.
They will be on duty for you continuously from Thursday 4 p.m. until Monday 8 a.m.



The code word!

If you're not feeling well in a situation and want support - we've launched a new service for that, too: The code word "Which way to Panama?" allows you to get help without any questions. You can ask our staff with the white buttons or directly contact the awareness team with the white vests.
You don't have to explain yourself, your concern will be taken seriously and you can decide yourself how you will be helped. If you want, you can use the retreat room.

Briefly explained!

1. Ask our staff or team awareness "Which way to Panama?".
2. We help you without questions & offer the possibility of a retreat.
3. We support you - you decide how you want to be helped.

Where is "Panama"?

We have created spaces at key points for people who have experienced assault, discrimination or being overwhelmed and are looking for a safer place to share, find support or be undisturbed. You can ask for it or come there directly. 

On the site you will find the retreat "Panama" at the food mile of the campsite.
The retreat "KleinPanama" is located to the left of the Zeppelin stage.
- Opening hours Panama: continuously from Thursday 4 p.m. until Monday 8 a.m.
- Opening hours KleinPanama: every day from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.



From the last years you may already know the psychologists and communication experts:
They are your direct link to those who take care of security behind the scenes. They inform you on stage, via loudspeakers and the social media channels about safety-related topics such as severe weather.



We as an event see ourselves as initiators of the awareness offer and want to make Rock im Park a place where everyone feels safe and can celebrate in a self-determined way. So that this is possible
is possible, we are all needed: our team, all external people, all artists and visitors.
What you can do as an individual when you observe a situation, you can read in the 5 Ds. Always be mindful of yourself and others, respect your boundaries and those of others.

The 5 D'S
1. Go DIRECTLY into the situation & intervene. "Can I support you?"
2. DELEGATE & ask someone else for help. "Can you get the awareness team?"
3. THEN check on the person involved. "Do you need anything right now?"
4. DELEGATE to de-escalate the situation. "Hi, do you know when the next band is playing?"
5. DOCUMENT & record the situation. "I've recorded the situation, how do we want to proceed with this?"



Prevention and counseling center

The Mobile Youth Work of the Youth Welfare Office of the City of Nuremberg will be on site as always with its omnibus and the alcohol-free cocktail bar between Gate B and D. In and in front of the bus you can safely celebrate with delicious alcohol-free (frozen) cocktails and take some time out, kicker, gamble, relax, and much more.
Test your knowledge with the alcohol quiz. As a giveaway you will receive the Rock(K)it, which is equipped with many little helpers to make your partying at the festival safer.
You have questions, are looking for advice or need support? Experienced pedagogues of the Open Children and Youth Work will be there for you at the stand as well as on the whole festival area.



We are happy to hear from anyone who is more involved with this topic. Therefore we share with you a small list of links where you can find information about awareness and contacts for those affected:

Act Aware
An association for more awareness at events, in theory and practice.

Antidiscrimination Agency
Information about rights, recommendations to prevent unequal treatment.

Aware Affect
Podcast series on awareness in the event context.

Awareness Academy
A glossary explaining many terms related to awareness.

Helo hotline
Nationwide counseling service for women who have experienced or are still experiencing violence.

Support f(x)
Education & networking for awareness, anti-discrimination and violence prevention.

Respect Nature

Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass die Umsetzung unseres Festivals mit nicht zu unterschätzenden Energie- und Ressourcenverbräuchen und entsprechenden Klimawirkungen verbunden ist.

Wir möchten gemeinsam ein Bewusstsein für einen fairen und nachhaltigen Umgang mit der Natur und untereinander schaffen. Dieses Ziel erreichen wir nur, wenn ALLE – Besucher:innen, Mitarbeiter:innen, Partner:innen und Dienstleister:innen – ihren Teil dazu beitragen.

Indem wir gemeinsam den CO2 Ausstoß, den Einsatz von Chemie, Abfälle und Lebensmittelverschwendung reduzieren und Wertstoffkreisläufe schließen, richten wir Rock im Park bereits ab 2022 deutlich nachhaltiger und umweltbewusster aus.

Ein klimaverträgliches, nachhaltiges Festival ist nicht weniger bunt, lustig und begeisternd – kommt aber mit weniger Energie, Ressourcen und Umweltwirkungen aus.

Unsere Maßnahmen und wie ihr mithelfen könnt erfahrt ihr hier:


Das Gelände stellt einen wichtigen Lebensraum vieler Tiere und P­flanzen dar und dient als Naherholungsgebiet. Jedes Jahr werden nach dem Festival riesige Müllberge, darunter auch Camping-Equipment unterschiedlicher Art, vor Ort zurückgelassen. Bitte seid euch bewusst, dass jeder Müll, der achtlos liegengelassen wird, die Umwelt nachhaltig beeinträchtigt und den Festivalstandort gefährdet.

Was wir tun:

Es gibt auf dem gesamten Gelände ein Verbot zur Verwendung von Einwegplastik. Unsere Festivalgastronomie verzichtet bereits seit Jahren freiwillig auf Einwegplastikgeschirr. Zur Ausgabe von Speisen sind nur recycelbarer Karton, Holzbesteck, Pergamentpapier, Servietten und Brötchen zulässig. Auch im Getränkebereich verzichten wir auf (Einweg-)Plastik – seit vielen Jahren kommen Mehrwegpfandbecher für Getränke zum Einsatz. 2018 sind auch Plastikstrohhalme von der Liste zulässiger Materialien gestrichen worden.

Auch unser Partner Lidl reduziert Plastik. Verpackungen mit weniger Kunststoff sind mit dem "verantwortlicher verpackt"-Logo gekennzeichnet.

Wir haben darüber hinaus einen der modernsten Umweltdienstleister im Bereich Entsorgung und Aufbereitung beauftragt, der eine ganzheitliche und umweltverträgliche Abfallentsorgung während und nach Beendigung des Festivals gewährleistet. Dieser übernimmt die Entsorgung und Sortierung von Abfällen, deren Aufbereitung sowie das Recycling und garantiert eine umweltgerechte Entsorgung. Kontinuierliche Zwischenreinigungen der Festival- und Campingflächen reduzieren schon während des Festivals die Verunreinigung des gesamten Areals.

Mit dem Wettbewerb und Gewinnspiel „Umwelt Rocky“ möchten wir euch zusätzlich motivieren, euren Campingplatz so sauber wie möglich zu hinterlassen und tolle Preise zu gewinnen. Genauere Infos folgen in Kürze.

Was ihr tun könnt:

Bitte achtet bereits beim Packen eures Equipments darauf...

  • ...euch mit verpackungsarmen Utensilien und Proviant einzudecken.
  • ...kein Einweg-Plastikgeschirr zu verwenden.
  • ...euer Campingequipment nachhaltig zu gestalten. Selbst günstige Zelte halten länger als eine Saison. Nehmt euer Zelt und sonstiges Equipment bei der Abreise wieder mit und verwendet es wieder. Ihr könnt es beispielsweise auch an Freund:innen weitergeben.

Verzichtet auf Glitzer und Konfetti. Sieht zwar schick aus, aber ist durch enthaltenes Mikroplastik ein großer Umweltverschmutzer.

Nehmt übrig gebliebene Lebensmittel wieder mit oder spendet sie unseren Partner:innen von LEBENS-mittel-RETTEN & mehr e.V., die mit einem Stand auf der großen Straße. Sie nehmen neben Lebensmitteln auch Zelte und anderes Campingequipment entgegen und verwerten es weiter.

Ganz wichtig: Arbeitet der Umwelt zuliebe weiterhin beim Recycling und der Mülltrennung aktiv mit. Nutzt die zahlreichen Abfalleimer - und depots vor Ort zur Entsorgung eures Mülls und haltet euren eigenen Bereich sauber. Die Müllstationen sind mit Fahnen gekennzeichnet.

Bitte behindert das Reinigungspersonal außerdem nicht bei seiner Arbeit.

Nehmt an unserem Wettbewerb und Gewinnspiel „Umwelt Rocky“ teil und hinterlasst euren Campingplatz absolut sauber. Animiert gleichzeitig eure Zeltnachbar:innen und andere Festivalbesucher:innen dies ebenfalls zu tun.


Energie und Strom 

Was wir tun:

Wir beziehen für Rock im Park 2022 ausschließlich Ökostrom. Der grüne Strom ist als 100% made in Germany zertifiziert, sein Erzeuger fördert erneuerbare Energien in der Region und der Strom wird ohne eine Beteiligung an Atom- oder Kohlekraftwerken erzeugt.

Wir haben den Einsatz von Generatoren für den Festivalbetrieb 2022 auf ein Minimum reduziert und hoffen, ab 2023 vollständig darauf verzichten zu können. Besucher:innen ist das Mitbringen von Generatoren auf die Campingplätze, anders als auf vielen anderen Festivals, schon seit einigen Jahren generell untersagt.

Die Ausleuchtung sämtlicher Toilettenburgen und Müllstationen geschieht mittels Photovoltaik betriebener Beleuchtung.

Wir achten außerdem auf den Einsatz energieeffizienter Bühnenbeleuchtung.


Wasser und Sanitär 

Was wir tun:

Durch den Einsatz neuer, festivalerfahrener Sanitärdienstleister:innen wird eine flächendeckende und zuverlässig funktionierende Infrastruktur an sanitären Einrichtungen geschaffen. Die jeweiligen Dienstleister:innen stellen eine zügige, fach- und umweltgerechte Entsorgung sicher.

Wir verzichten vollständig auf chemische Lösungen bei den Chemietoiletten, den so genannten Dixis.

An hochfrequentierten Stellen auf dem Festivalgelände werden 2022 zusätzliche Urinalrinnen platziert.

Auf dem Festivalgelände wird es außerdem wieder mehrere, kostenlose Trinkwasserstellen für alle Festivalbesucher:innen geben.

Was ihr tun könnt:

Bringt Mehrwegbehälter wie z.B. leere faltbare Wasserfalschen aus Kunststoff mit, die ihr an den zahlreichen Trinkwasserstellen kostenlos auffüllen könnt. Tetra Paks sind im Infield nicht erlaubt. Alternativ können auch die bepfandeten Getränkebecher aus dem Ausschank der Publikumsgastronomie nach einmaligem Erwerb eines Getränkes jederzeit und so oft man möchte an den freien Trinkwasserstellen aufgefüllt werden.

Nutzt die verfügbaren Toiletten vor Ort. Damit verhindert ihr nicht nur die Geruchsbildung, sondern schützt die Natur. Bäume, Büsche und sonstige Flächen sind keine Toiletten!



Wir wollen das Festival so CO2-neutral wie möglich gestalten und Emissionen reduzieren.

Was wir tun:

Unsere mobilen Fahrradparkständer sorgen dafür, dass das Fahrradparken für euch sicherer und komfortabler wird.

Wir versuchen in unserem Fuhrpark möglichst viele elektrogetriebene Fahrzeuge einzusetzen. Die Anzahl an E-Fahrzeugen werden wir auch in Zukunft signifikant steigern. Daneben nutzen unsere Mitarbeiter:innen vor Ort vermehrt Fahrräder, die einen zügigen Positionswechsel auf umweltverträgliche Art ermöglichen.

Was ihr tun könnt:

Nutzt für die An- und Abreise die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel (ÖPNV) wie Zug, Bus oder Bahn. Dafür könnt ihr das günstige 9-Euro-Ticket nutzen, das auch während des Festivalzeitraums erhätlich und gültig ist. 

Falls eure Anreise nur mit dem eigenen Fahrzeug möglich ist, bildet Fahrgemeinschaften. Auf oder in der kostenlosen App findest du deine Mitfahrgelegenheit zum Festival! Oder biete selbst deine freien Plätze im Auto an! Mit BlaBlaCar teilt ihr außerdem eure Fahrtkosten und kommt gemeinsam entspannt an.


Gelände und Naturschutz

Das Gelände stellt in den restlichen Tagen eines jeden Jahres ein Naherholungsgebiet für die Einwohner der Stadt Nürnberg dar und ist darüber hinaus der Lebensraum vieler Tiere und Pflanzen (weiterführende Informationen hier). Das gesamte Veranstaltungsgelände befindet sich in einem Wasserschutzgebiet.
Die Natur ist zu schützen. Rücksichtnahme auf Flora und Fauna ist höchstes Gebot.
Insbesondere an den Uferzonen und Schilfgürteln sind zudem die Brutgebiete seltener Vogelarten vorzufinden.

Beschädigungen an der Flora (Bäume, Sträucher) und die Gefährdung oder gar das Quälen von Tieren werden umgehend und ausnahmslos zur Anzeige gebracht (Sachbeschädigung) und führen zum sofortigen Ausschluss der Veranstaltung!

Was wir tun:

Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage, bauen wir unsere Green Campingflächen stetig aus. In diesem Bereich des Festivals wird besonderer Wert auf einen respektvollen Umgang mit der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt sowie ein großer Wert auf Sauberkeit und Ruhe gelegt.

Unser Ordnungspersonal achtet darauf, dass die Campingordnung eingehalten und rücksichtsvoll mit der Natur umgegangen wird.

Was ihr tun könnt:

Haltet euch an die Campingordnung und verlasst das Festivalgelände so, wie ihr es vorgefunden habt! Haltet euch außerdem beim Green Camping an die zusätzlichen Regeln wie z.B. die Nachtruhe.

Meldet Verstöße, wie die Gefährdung der Natur oder das Quälen von Tieren, umgehend.


Bitte seid und bleibt euch eurer Verantwortung trotz ausgelassener Feierlaune bewusst! Wir zählen auf Euch!



How can I get a refund for my festival-, camping-, or parking-ticket?

It depends on where you’ve originally purchased your ticket:

purchased on or Rock im Park online shop:

  • Follow the link to the refund form. Attach your originally purchased 2020 or 2021 ticket(s) to the filled out and printed form. Barcodes and orders cannot be mixed up. There is one refund process for each order but of course you can send your tickets in one envelope. Be aware that all forms are attached accordingly.
  • You can freely choose the shipping method. Anyway, we recommend insured shipping as we assume no liability for eventually lost tickets.
  • The refund amount will be reimbursed via initially selected payment method unless you choose 'abweichende Bankverbindung'.

purchased on
You’ll receive an email from ticketmaster with all relevant info. Please also check your spam folder if not. Otherwise contact .

purchased at a ticket office:
You can return your ticket at the office of purchase only. An online refund is not possible.


What is the refund amount?

The price printed on your ticket will be reimbursed.


Will ticket fees also be reimbursed?

Yes. Excluded are shipping costs, ticket insurances and gift packaging.


Do I have to send in my original Rock im Park 2021 or 2020 ticket or a copy?

It’s absolutely necessary to send in your original Rock im Park 2021 or 2020 ticket as otherwise a refund is not possible. For safety reasons take a picture in advance of shipping as we assume no liability for tickets eventually lost in the post.


Which shipping method should I choose?

You can choose the shipping method freely. Anyway, we recommend insured shipping as we assume no liability for eventually lost tickets.


Who’s going to pay the shipping costs?

Ticket shipping is at your own expense.


I’ve not purchased my Rock im Park 2020 or 2021 ticket at an offical ticket office and payed more than the price printed on the ticket. How much money can I expect to be reimbursed?

We strongly advise not to pay more than the price printed on any ticket. It happens that tickets are offered with an inflated price, sometimes these are even fake. Therefore we can only reimburse the price printed on the ticket.


I have swapped my ticket and have now changed my mind. Can I reverse the swap?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Festival site opening hours

To respect the local residents, both the parking and the camping areas will be opened from 9 am on Thursday, 2nd June 2022! Arriving before this time makes no sense, since the entire festival site is closed.

Dismantling, cleaning of own site, waste disposal and departure must be completed by no later than Monday, 6th June 2022 at 10 am, when all car parks and the camping area closes.


Camping and arrival

For further information concerning camping and arrival please select the menu point on the right side of the navigation bar.


Camping alternatives

Via the Congress- und Tourismuszentrale of the city of Nuremberg there is the possibility to inquire about free hotel room allotments during the festival period. Further details can be found under the following link:

The youth hostels are also very centrally located. Further information can be found at


Ticket validation

Before entering the festival site for the first time, tickets will be checked electronically at a check-in via scanning. A festival wristband is then put on and the ticket loses its validity. We strongly discourage purchasing tickets on or in front of the festival site! Please buy your tickets only at authorized presale points or (if still available) at the cash desks at Terminal B (entrance B). Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for later complaints or replacement claims.


Day Festival Tickets

You will receive your day wristband only on the day corresponding to the ticket at the CHECK-IN A, CHECK-IN B and CHECK-IN CP4.1.

If there are still Day Festival Tickets available on the day of the festival you will be able to purchase them cash only at the box offices on the Große Straße (box office A1 and A2) and Terminal B. After that you will receive your festival wristband.

Visitors with disability should refer to Terminal C only, more information see "accessibility".

Please note that Day Festival Tickets do not include parking or camping. This means that you can’t enter the camping area. Therefore you will not be able to visit your friends there. We strongly recommend using public transportation to get to the festival area, since there is no parking lot for day visitors.


Prohibited / permitted items

Our safety concept consists of a large number of safety-relevant procedures, which are developed, coordinated and implemented together working hand in hand with the police and the responsible security authorities. Additionally, we are in constant exchange with other festivals.

However, we still need your help in this matter!

The better the festival visitors follow the rules and regulations, the more effective and faster are the security checks at the entrance to the camping area and to the event area. We ask you therefore to read our detailed safety instructions.

Prohibited items on the camping area are among others:














ATTENTION! Carrying such items may result in rejection of the vehicle and exclusion of the attendee from the festival upon arrival; all the prohibited items will be confiscated without replacement. Power generators found on the site will be secured by the police!

Permitted items on the camping area among others:










Additional prohibited items in the event area:

In addition to all prohibited items in the camping area, the following applies in the event area.















Generally, prohibited items are: bags, backpacks and containers of all kind. The only exception being small belt bags.

Permitted items in the event area:






In general, only personal items and clothing are permitted into the event area.

  • Suncream
  • Lighter
  • Empty foldable water bottles made of plastic
  • Medicine (asthma spray, pills, etc.)
  • Powerbank
  • Contact lenses solution
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cigarettes / E-cigarettes
  • Insulin syringe (NO normal syringe only for s.c. application = very short needle): max. 1 syringe is allowed
  • Small insulin bottle

Refusal of entry carrying prohibited Items

At the entrances to the event area you will be denied access with prohibited items. You can either throw the forbidden item away or you bring it back to your camp / vehicle.

Additionally, there is the possibility to store items in the lockers outside of the camping area for a fee (see subtopic "lockers with mobile power

Please carry your car keys always with you – especially when leaving the camping area. In case of emergency or heavy storms please go directly to your safe car.


Info and Service

The info / service centers are centrally located: Terminal A on the “Große Straße”, at the main entrance A or camping area entrance CP 4 "Animal Park". Terminal B, which is also the check-in for Backstage Camper, is located near the “Streintribühne” at entrance B.

The info / service center for Zepplin Stage Camper, Caravan Camper and visitors with disabilities is located at Terminal C (CHECK-IN C) by the Max-Morlock-Platz in front of the stadium. You can find the detailed locations on the site plan.

Our service staff is there for you round the clock to answer your questions about the festival. They are also your contact person for every matter of complaint or any problem.

Please note that will call tickets can only be picked up at Terminal B. In order to pick up your ticket you are required to present your valid ID card and the ticket order confirmation.


Lockers with mobile power

We recommend you to keep your valuables in safety. Although the camping area is guarded, the organiser accepts no liability for the valuables, luggage and other equipment. There is also the possibility to store prohibited objects in the lockers at the main entrances before entering the event area. So you do not have to bring them back to your tent or car, but you can pick them up again easily after the concerts.











  • Terminal A
  • Terminal B

Opening hours:

  • Thursday., 12 pm - Monday, 12pm, 24 hours open

Size door opening (W x H):

  • M / M High-Voltage: 18cm x 12cm
  • L / L High-Voltage: 18cm x 40cm

Inner Size (W x H x D):

  • M / M High-Voltage: 25cm x 14cm x 35cm
  • L / L High-Voltage: 25cm x 42cm x 35cm


  • M: 35 Euro (Pre-Sale 33 Euro)
  • M High-Voltage: 40 Euro (Pre-Sale 38 Euro)
  • L: 48 Euro (Pre-Sale 46 Euro)
  • L High-Voltage: 54 Euro (Pre-Sale 52 Euro)


  • Every locker has a socket.
  • The sockets in the lockers M and L are limited to 15 watt (sufficient for mobile phone, power bank, charge battery).
  • The high-voltage lockers are limited to 90 watt (sufficient for charging more power-intensive devices such as notebooks up to 11 inches, large sound box).

Further information:

  • CHECK-IN: Identity Card + 10 Euro deposit 
  • Booking of lockers on site depending on availability 
  • Don’t forget your charging cable!



Security staff

The main task of the security staff is to ensure your safety and, in addition, to monitor compliance regarding the festival rules and cleanliness. On top, they are your contact person for questions concerning the festival. The instructions of the security staff should be followed in your own interest. You will recognize the security staff wearing colored vests with a unique personnel ID number.


All around Rock im Park

No more than 10 minutes by public transport from the festival site, you will find the historical old town of Nuremberg. If you couldn’t make it there yet you should give it a try, since the city has a lot to offer! For further information, please follow this link: Nuremberg

There are several leisure opportunities around the festival:


If you need some refreshment and want to go for a swim, there is the stadium bath and the club bath. They also have sufficient showers and sanitary facilities. The exact location of the swimming pools can be found on the site plan.

The lakes are not allowed for bathing because of the mud deposits on the ground. In general, bathing in the lakes is forbidden.

Please pay attention to the signs!

Ferris wheel

Enjoy a fantastic view up in the air with a ride on our ferris wheel.

Pedal boat hire

The perfect start to a perfect day could be a relaxed pedal boat ride on the Dutzenteich. The exact location of the rental station can be found on the site plan.

Documentation Center

In addition to the rock marathon on the stages, we recommend to take the time to learn more about the historical background of the former “Reichsparteitagsgelände” in the Documentation Center. You can find further information about the museum here.



On site there will be various stands where you can buy the official Rock im Park merchandise as well as exclusive items and special offers. Rock im Park merchandise is also available online at

In addition, there is a supermarket on the premises, which offers everything around the festival.


Celebrate "Fully supplied": Lidl as headliner with festival store at Rock im Park and Rock am Ring 

Under the motto "Fully supplied", the food retailer will serve music fans with everything they need for a relaxed festival weekend in its "Rock Stores". For the sixth time, Lidl is rocking the two twin festivals and, with its many years of festival experience, knows what counts: the festival branches put on a successful show with over 350 products at the usual favorable Lidl prizes. Lidl offers a trolley service to make sure everything can be conveniently transported to the campsites. As an extra, there will be chill-out areas and a boom box with relaxed DJ music around the festival stores.