German rap without Juju? Unthinkable. The Berlin-based artist has not only had three singles at No. 1 in the charts, 14 gold and 19 platinum awards in the German-speaking world, an MTV EMA award and two 1LIVE Krone awards , but above all she has paved the way for a whole generation of rapping women. She has paved the way for an entire generation of female rappers and has become the most important representative of the genre. Born in Berlin and raised in the Neukölln district, the harshness of the capital has shaped Juju from an early age - especially in her music. First with SXTN and since 2019 solo. Sometimes unadjusted and aggressive, but then again with a melancholy and sadness in the lyrics, which is unparalleled and in the next moment already again between excessive party tracks and pop songs - as different as the styles of the songs and the themes of the tracks may sound, in the end they are still different facets of Juju's lifestyle.